Springhead May/June 2024

The weather was glorious for the three days we were at Springhead.  So much so that the vast majority of the work was done outside on the lawn. Springhead, as always was a magical setting and the food prepared by … Read more

World T’ai Chi Day – Yorkshire, 27 Apr 24, Harrogate

    Paul Underhill writes: Once again, teachers from around Yorkshire met to celebrate World T’ai Chi Day with their students.  ESTCC members, Richard Siwiak and Paul Underhill led two of the teaching session, Richard focussing on Qigongs and Tian … Read more

T’ai Chi in Nature, 28 April 2024, Egham

    Sue Webber writes: Members of the Egham Tai chi class gathered on a rainy morning and walked deep into the woods to the Whittle & Spark base camp. The kettle was boiling on the fire to greet everyone. … Read more

Light in the darkness

    Jos writes: Imagine if you will the vulnerable small flame of a candle, seeing it flicker and then burn, as the wick takes confidence and it burns true, upright and clear. Swayed by currents of air, the flame is vulnerable but when true stillness is found, it … Read more

Springhead Retreat – Oct 2023

  Tess writes: The long weekend retreat at Springhead was full of love, laughter, tears and trust. Springhead in Fontmell Magna is a beautiful place to be, peaceful and welcoming. On arrival at Springhead, I felt embraced by everyone on … Read more

Springhead Retreat – June 2023

  Rodney writes:   I love the nine step walking meditation , as it feels like a stroll, in the countryside , on a Cornish beach, or as was the case on the weekend by the beautiful lake at Springhead. … Read more