Springhead Retreat – June 2023

Springhead Retreat – June 2023


Rodney writes:


I love the nine step walking meditation , as it feels like a stroll, in the countryside , on a Cornish beach, or as was the case on the weekend by the beautiful lake at Springhead. It always feels so free and easy. Small as it might seem, my epiphany came whilst doing the 9 step meditation. 

As is so often the case the Wuji, the pause, had been at the centre of our weekend retreat and I always enjoy that moment of stillness at the end of the nine steps before starting off in another random direction. As is my tendency in life (not just with the nine steps) I am often keen to get on my way, on with the next ‘thing’, but during this weekend I enjoyed lengthening the second pause before I set off on my travels, and now I will always remember that moment when I found a double Wu.

Thank you Springhead , Jos and all the group for making that possible



and a newcomer to Springhead, who has experienced post-Covid syndrome (‘long Covid’), gives this appreciation:


I found the retreat a safe space to learn, unlearn, grow and connect in a beautiful location after a difficult three years. There was a warm welcome from all, even though many are longstanding friends there was still room for me. The teaching from Jos was clear, inspiring and thought-provoking with a good mix of energy – from contact exercises to quiet meditation and reflection. I also learned a lot from the others at the retreat who were patient as I learned. The weekend was challenging, in a very good way, empowering, and enlightening for me, and two days later I am still riding high with a new found confidence and happiness. Amazing weather and delicious food were the icing on the (vegan) cake