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Welcome to the European school of tai chi chuan (U.K.) (estcc) website and the concept of Metta T’ai Chi… we hope you enjoy our website.

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The underlying ethos of the school’s T’ai Chi practice is one of metta (loving kindness) which lies at the root of all aspects of training. For many of us, meditation is pivotal to our personal practice and this is firmly rooted in the Samatha and Vipassana tradition… [ Read More ]

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December 2018:

– Early notice of February Retreat and AGM, 23 – 24 February, 2019; see Events 


November 2018:

T’ai Chi and Sacred Landscapes: Reflections on October Retreat at Springhead; See Blog

HOLDING A SNOW BALL: Retreat with Caroline Purkhardt and Jos Hadfield; 22 – 26 January 2019; see Events


October 2018:

– Two More Qi Gong Exercises:  Demonstrated by Louanne; see Resource Centre (Public)


September 2018:

Revolution:  article by Paul Underhill; see Members Resource Centre



Metta T'ai Chi Events

Over the course of a year, the School typically runs two or three residential events, usually in Cornwall and Dorset. Local events are also run by many individual Teachers.

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T'ai Chi Classes

Learn Tai Chi from a teacher who can guide your progress and ensure that your movements are correct, effective and won’t lead to injury.

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T'ai Chi Talks

Tew Bunnag talks about the practice of Tai Chi.