Coronavirus – Thoughts and Practices


A Message from our Founder, Tew Bunnag


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for video explaining and demonstrating the Collective Practice


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A strange period has begun for which we are essentially unprepared. There is going to be an added dimension of suffering in the world. That much is certain. And it is not only the virus but all that comes with this situation; the anxiety and fear that it is causing, not just about the illness but about our livelihood. In this respect, as usual those who are already struggling will be hit the hardest. Like everyone else I haven’t a clue where it will all lead. But I am convinced that this is not a phenomenon we will soon forget, like the natural disasters we have seen, or the man made economic collapses of recent years. This is something altogether bigger and marks a shift change in our world on so many levels. Alongside the suffering this is also a wake up call and an opportunity for real change in the way we live on the planet.

Whatever happens here in Spain with the lock-down we have now been gifted with Time and the challenge is to use this skilfully.

Today Monday 16th March in response to various messages I am inviting friends and those I have trained with to join in a Collective Practice that we will continue doing daily.

At 17.0 Spanish time. (16.0 UK time, 18.0 Greek time) 20 minutes of Silent meditation followed by 10 minutes of Metta practice, sending Loving Compassion to our loved ones, to the Sangha of friends and to the 4 directions. Afterwards, optional and depending on space the long or short Forms and the Qi Gongs.

Please invite anyone who you think might like to participate to join us. So far we will be people from Spain, Greece, UK, Norway, Italy and Thailand

Qi Gong Exercises

from the Collective Practice






Should you – for whatever reason – feel the full collective practice is not appropriate for you, you may find benefit in following just the Qi Gong elements.

These are shown in the videos on the left.

In the first of these extracts, Tew demonstrates three practices which in turn help to:

-settle the fear and anxiety we may feel ourselves or may have picked up from others.

-strengthen and protect our lungs and kidneys.

-keep us connected with the energies of earth and sky.

The second extract provides two practices which can help us disperse any sense of pressure we may feel due to the challenges we face during these and other difficult times.

The full videos can be found using the links above, or on Tew Bunnag’s website (click image)


Click HERE to see videos taken from a Zoom Session run by Tew Bunnag, July 2020. This takes us through two further practices which can help us keep centred during times of anxiety and intense emotional distress.




Acupressure Points


Tracey  commends the video linked below which shows her colleague, Liuzhong Ye, demonstrating the palpation (massage) of 3 key acupuncture points Lung 5, Large Intestine 11 and Spleen 9.

Should you contract Corvid 19, she advises to undertake the practice for 10 minutes, 3 times a day to reduce the symptoms.   Once the acute phase begins – usually after 8 days – when people can get shortness of breath and lungs fill with fluid, it is very important at this point to use Lu5 (the first point demonstrated in the video) for 1/2 hour or until shortness of breath subsides.  The practice can be carried out on both sides of the body.

Tracey is a fully qualified and highly experienced acupuncturist and naturopath.  She is Director of Acupuncture in London at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Link to Tracey’s blog showing video: click HERE





Free Access to Members’ Resource Centre


As a further response to the Coronavirus Pandemic,  until 30th September 2020, the School offers EVERYBODY free access to our Members’ Resource Centre.


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Whilst this section contains much material, of particular relevance are the videos of the Wei Chi and Tian Xiou forms. These forms draw on fire energy and earth energy respectively to protect and strengthen our physical and etheric (energy) bodies. Videos of the distilled versions of both forms are also shown.

There is also a section on the Six Healing Sounds, the practice of which serves to establish balance in the expression of the elements at all levels of body, heart and mind.


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