Springhead Retreat May ’22

Springhead Retreat May ’22

My first residential course with the European School of Tai Chi Chuan

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, first time away on a course in more than three years, and for four days with people I didn’t know except for one, who has been a good friend for the past fifteen years. It was due to this friend that I even knew of the course.

We arrived after a five hour journey, pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and comfort of the dormitory style stables, great showers and cosy.

It seemed there were many folk catching up with dear friends that they’ve not seen for years but I never felt excluded. I did feel a great deal of love and this emanated right from the top, the teacher was Tew Bunnag and his teachings were profound yet gentle and are still working on me many days after the course.

I experienced the most warmth, understanding and non-judgment from fellow students that I have ever experienced from any of the schools I’ve attended in my thirty plus years of training.

I thoroughly enjoyed the humour, intelligence and genuine conversations with everyone within the ESTCC. By the end of the four days, we had journeyed through meditations and chants , walked the extensive mature gardens, trained in Tai Chi and Qigong together and learned life skills that will help me for the rest of my lifetime. The vegetarian and vegan meals were plentiful and delicious, the drinking water was straight from the natural springs so I felt nourished and ready to train.

In fact, I was so impressed by the experience, level of skill and knowledge that I have signed up to become a member of the school.

It is with joy in my heart that I feel connected and opened again with the teachers and students of the European School of Tai Chi Chuan and it gives me hope that I’ve found the support in continuing to grow on my own tai chi journey.

Gaynor Gaynor




Tew Bunnag demonstrating the Xi Xi Hu walk




Na Mo chant just before departure