Springhead May/June 2024

Springhead May/June 2024

The weather was glorious for the three days we were at Springhead.  So much so that the vast majority of the work was done outside on the lawn. Springhead, as always was a magical setting and the food prepared by Sarah was first-rate.

The weekend was devoted to teaching us the rudiments of the I Ching.  Aided by an introductory video a week before, Tew took on the mammoth task of taking us from the very beginning of the question, through the throw, the reading and finally the interpretation.  All in one weekend.

And it was essential to firstly connect with the Unseen – and this was done through Qigongs, both static and walking and, of course, the Form.  Looked on by the swan and the ducks, we then practiced the throwing of the sticks and generally prepared the body as an essential ingredient of the ritual.

Moving on then we asked our individual questions and discussed the results in groups; that was particularly enlightening.  And, lastly, we asked a ‘tribal’ question, one to which we could all contribute.  This latter tended to focus on the Schools’ position in the wider world.

There were only about 20 of us, a smaller number than some previous retreats, but that made the teaching of the more technical aspects of the I Ching that much more effective.  So for both the newcomers to the I Ching, and as a refresher for the more experienced, it was a lovely weekend, with brilliant instruction, spent in lovely surroundings and in the company of lovely people.  What could be a more pleasant way to spend a June weekend.

And of course, the heady, crazy-days of Summer led to a human hexagram, with Jos clearly the changing line!