Teachers: Greece – Corfu


Thalia Gonda

I have been practicing t’ai chi for 10 years, learning from Tew Bunnag, Val Androutsopoulou, Saskia Handley, Kamal Thapen and Caroline Merry. I am particularly interested in the I Ching, and the relevance of the seasonal practice of Qiugong.  I live in Corfu, Greece and teach in Greek and English.  I learn every day.

Classes:  Every Wednesday at 17.30 in Casa Lucia

In these lessons, we want to move slowly and empty our heads of thoughts; open our senses and accept our fears; balance our bodies, hearts and minds and connect our own little hearts with the big heart of the world. We want to relate intention to breath and movement while following nature’s seasonal patterns. We want to leave the class feeling light and that we did something to take care of ourselves.

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Thalia Gonda

Email: [email protected]