Teachers: South East – West Sussex

Terry Griffin

I have been playing the tai chi for twenty something years and have been teaching it for ten years. These have been regular classes and working with the homeless.

I am currently sharing Chi Kung (Qi Gong) with a group by the edge of the sea in Shoreham. I chose to share Chi Kung rather than Tai Chi as people can join us when they are going for a walk on the beach or after going for a swim. Because Chi Kung is accessible without learning a form it allows people to drop in and ‘get the feel’ of energy work. This often works well with groups that can’t commit to regular sessions.

Our weekly class on the beach provides an oasis of calm in a busy week: letting go, embracing the moment and relaxing into the breath.


Drop in Chi Kung class on the beach at Ferry Road – Tuesday Mornings at 7.70am.

Contact Info

Terry Griffin

Tel: 07806 481681

Email: [email protected]