Teachers: London – Crystal Palace

Adriana Florez

I came across T’ai Chi and Qigong nearly 16 years ago (2005), when all my body was in pain because of my joint hyper mobility condition.

I was lucky to join Kamal Thapen’s class that opened my eyes, body and spirit to the goodness of this art. It was also Kamal the one that gently encouraged me to teach, and is through teaching that I am deepening myself into the discipline.

T’ai Chi helped me through a very long and difficult journey, the one of losing my mum; it gave me strength and peace when I needed most, and is still doing it, by sharing it with others I am only returning it to the open space where it belongs while it is still in my heart.


Contact details:

Adriana Florez

Email address: adri.raaya @gmail.com

Telephone number: 07910107695

Classes on Tuesdays from 7.30 to 90.00 pm at The Sparowhawk in Crystal Palace

2 Westow Hill SE19 1RX