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Sue Webber

I started practising T’ai Chi in my early 20s and after having met several teachers and knew I had found my home in the European School. The mixture of meditation, martial applications, moving as a group, and single practice gives a rounded balance of head, heart and hand.

I started teaching in 1992, gaining my teaching certificate in ‘93 when I moved to South Wales and taught my first solo classes in the hills. The most memorable moment of my time as a teacher in Wales was being on a beautiful Cardigan beach where a pod of dolphins came close leaping around the bay as we finished our session with Qi Gong.

T’ai Chi helps us find the peace, joy and natural flow within and around us.

Our weekly class on provides an oasis of calm in a busy week: letting go, embracing the moment and relaxing into the breath.


Englefield Green; Thursday Evening.

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Sue Webber

Tel: 07928 752707

Email: [email protected]