Teachers: London – Hampstead

Rodney (Sodge) Adams

I started training in Qi Gong and T’ai chi quite late in life, at the age of 40; quite a lot of ‘water already under the bridge’! But I very soon realised it was going to be something that would become special for me… and it has!

The guidance that the practice has given me has proved invaluable, the philosophy of Yin and Yang, and the five Elements have helped me navigate my body, my emotions and my life journey, helping me to find the stillness at the centre.

Listening through movement, stepping back to return stronger, the flow of energy. Feeling so lucky to have come across this ancient art, its martial and healing aspects, I am keen to share what I have learned.

The classes I give focus more on the healing than the martial, though of course one cannot not exist without the other.


Classes are suspended until further notice

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Rodney / Sodge Adams

Email: [email protected]