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Richard Siwiak

Richard first met tai chi as a student of fine art sculpture in 1983 where Tew Bunnag taught in the college hall. He was instantly attracted to these visually stunning movements and postures as an art form. The feel good and emotional wellbeing experienced through the practice drew him into a career in mental health and special education where he shared the practice as part of his professional therapy and teaching roles. After nearly 40 years of practice, the health and healing experienced in playing Tai Chi for Richard developed into a personal need to cope with chronic illness, and to manage aches and injuries. ‘Tai Chi, not just for the joy of it, but now a very necessary part of life.’
He took the lead of his first regular Tai Chi class in 1988 and has led private classes ever since.



Richard lives in York and leads tai chi sessions for Action for Elders at Foxwood Community Centre on Fridays. And he teaches on Saturday and Wednesday mornings at Rowntrees Park from 9am

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Richard Siwiak

Tel: 07538197183

Email: [email protected]