New Year Message

New Year Message

Sue Beecraft, Chair of the ESTCC Committee



Dear friends,

I would like to extend a Happy New Year to you all and share with you a few thoughts as we go into 2020.

Just the other morning, I felt compelled to go outside before dawn and practise the Long Form. I have re-made my small garden and am getting used to the feel of it. Recently, I had also been listening to a podcast about trying to be more present in nature, to myself in my surroundings.

I had just come to the end of the second section and was about to turn into the third, when, in the crook of the nearby apple tree, appeared a robin. I felt startled by this unexpected arrival. Almost imperceptible against the still dark bark it stayed quite still, we watched each other. Then I felt a rush of deep emotion at this small gift from the universe. The robin accompanied me as I worked the third section, it flew and hovered near as I stepped out the Jade Maiden Works the Shuttles. And then the small bird was gone.

I wonder what surprises lie ahead and what challenges and developments the future holds for each of us and for our school in this new year and new decade?

Looking back to Tew’s teaching at Springhead last October, I am reminded of our tai chi work with Hexagram 63, After Completion. After completion of a project, there is still much to do. Perhaps this also represents one chapter closing and the opening of a new one.

My mind associates to our Metta Tai Chi School and whilst this is a well- established enterprise and has had many years of development, yet there is still much work to be undertaken. But what is the work? Who will do it? And in what way should it be done? The school has as its guiding principle, the ethos of Metta, the development of unconditional love for all beings.

Each of us struggles with our personal issues and we are made only too aware of the plight of the planet.

Taking up my new role as chair has been challenging and at times feels daunting. I know that this has been the same for the other new officers. But tremendous support and guidance has been offered both by the other longer standing committee members and the friends of the committee.

Returning to the Jade Maiden, one interpretation suggests that she is weaving the fabric of fate, plying her shuttle to and fro. Her yarn, infinite time. So each time we practice the form, we are weaving another thread into this fabric. Each of our threads matters and is valuable in the whole.

The year lies ahead. We are approaching the AGM which provides us with an opportunity to look back and reflect on the past year and the past chapter of the school. It also affords us all with a unique opportunity to think about where the school is now and the work that lies ahead and the direction of that work. This is a great challenge for each and every one of us and a great opportunity.

I look forward to continuing the journey together with you all.

Kind wishes


Sue, Jan 2020