Library – Glossary

From Louanne:

‘Five Spirits’ by Lorie Eve Dechar.  Isbn: 1-5906-092-2

“This book has been my inspiration for looking more deeply at the Five Elements.  Although Lorie’s intention is for acupuncturists to

gain a more imaginative perspective on the elements, this is a book that will engage any reader who wants to develop a more sensitive approach

to the Shen – the heart mind.

She explores the psychological and spiritual implications of each element while staying close to their Taoist roots.

I find that I keep delving into ‘Five Spirits’ in order to gather further insights and keep my own acupuncture and T’ai Chi practices energized.”

From Rodney:

Simple Qigong Exercises for Health: Improve Your Health in 10 to 20 Minutes a Day

I recommend this book as it’s author is very knowledgable and has written extensively on the subject and is highly regarded.
The first part is a very good background for the understanding of the Qi that underpins our practice. There follows two sets of 8 brocades one sitting, one standing. The standing set has elements of our own set, but it is the sitting one that I practice regularly and it is the only set of Qigong that I have learnt from a book.. It also has a good link into meditation.

Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements 2 by Connelly, Dianne M. (ISBN: 9780912381039)

My second recommendation is actually a book about acupuncture so there are others in the school that could speak about it much better than myself. Though the diagnostic part is very interesting it is her description of Yin and Yang and the five elements that I found so inspiring when I  discovered the art, this being one of the first books I read .