Teachers: Norway

Kristina Gjems

Through a listening presence in the body and the constant generation of energy, the T’ai Chi allows us to dance the universal forces. By connecting with our physical landscape we can move and express the stories carried in our bodies.

I first came in contact with T’ai Chi as part of my dance training at ‘The Place’ in London. In 1989 I was told about a man teaching in Spain and travelled from Norway for a workshop. The man’s name was Tew Bunnag and he was to become my teacher.

Here in Norway I have a small group of students who have been with me for many years.

The T’ai Chi also continues to inspire my work as a choreographer and dancer and I always share the practice with the movement artists I work with.

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Kristina Gjems

Website: http://www.dreamscreenproductions.no/tai-chi/

Email: [email protected]