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Jos Hadfield

T’a i Chi is a wonderful way to find balance within our own selves and the world that surrounds us, allowing us to tap into immense reserves of energy.

Promoting a great sense of wellbeing, T’ai Chi works with the rhythms and harmonies that underpin our world.

T’ai Chi opens our channels of energy, softening the body, freeing the mind and letting it breathe.  Exploring the interplay of yin and yang, we can feel for tightness and softness, let go unnecessary effort and reveal inner spaciousness and harmony.

I was inspired to learn t’ai chi at adult education classes after watching it being done on Dartmoor. I have been practising T’ai Chi for more than twenty five years, and am still learning from Tew Bunnag and other teachers within the school; as well as from direct observation of the elemental forces in nature.

Moving to Cornwall occasioned a natural break from teaching in adult learning classes. I now offer weekly classes at Roselidden Farm, (Helston), one to one sessions and residential workshops.



• Thursdays: 6 – 7.30pm

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Jos Hadfield

Tel: 01326 558748

Website: www.roselidden.co.uk

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