Inspired by Tai Chi – Kristina Gjems: Dance and Choreography


My work is movement based…


Based in the body.

Based on somatic and holistic practice.

Based on recognizing the connection between the inner and outer landscape; the micro cosmos and the macro cosmos.


So where does movement come from? What moves us? For me, this is a physical, sensual, kinaesthetic exploration…moment by moment.

Key elements are availability, connectivity and impermanence.

In order to find the motivation behind the movement, we must make ourselves available. Available to the stories and memories carried by our bodies, available to mystery, available to what wants to move. To let ourselves be moved, we must dive into the material of the body, journey through the layers and communicate with and through the visceral.

In this availability we recognize that we are permeable and connected. We are endless and changeable. We are the elements and our bodies are nature, connected to all earth’s creatures.


To be connected in the dance means to include what occurs, in us and around us, from our blood and bones, from our ancestors, from others in the room.

To accept impermanence means to allow and to let go.

To allow our availability to renew, every second.

To let our identity dissolve in order to shapeshift and time-travel. In this way the question ‘What am I?’ becomes a here-and-now-question.


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