Equanimity and Courage



Zoom Retreat with Tew Bunnag

26th – 28th February 2021



Over 5 sessions,  Tew describes the importance of equanimity and courage when presented with events and circumstances that can be most deeply challenging.   Drawing on his extensive work with healthcare professionals and his experience of accompanying and supporting those close to death, he shows us practices that can help us avoid the dangers of becoming emotionally and/or mentally overwhelmed.  These practices help us to dissipate accumulated negative energies,  and help us to connect with the nourishing energies of Earth, Sky, Humanity and the Infinite Compassion of the Transcendent.  Thereby enabling us to maintain and restore our courage in fully engaging with the challenges of life, and our equanimity in bringing the best of ourselves in addressing these challenges.

The following videos show extracts from each of the sessions.  Whilst they do not capture the entirety of what was said and done, they are nonetheless complete in themselves.  The videos will automatically repeat – click on the video to stop.



Session 1


Session 2

Session 3


Session 4


Session 5