Teachers: France – Vénosc

Caroline Purkhardt

My first encounter with T’ai Chi was with Gerda Geddes at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London. Recovering from two sporting injuries, I was awed by the power of this practice to align disparate energies and heal old wounds.

My love for this moving art grew as I deepened my understanding of the balance between feminine and masculine as well as stillness and movement.

I began teaching some 11 years ago, developing my awareness of how our practice is intimately related to who we are and how we relate to others.

My attention is now drawn to the insights T’ai Chi offers during personal transition and its transformative power when we step into our own leadership.

Living in the Southern Alps, amidst the splendour of mountains and rivers, it serves to ground me in the reality of being human (earth) and connect me to the realms of being spiritual (sky).



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Caroline Purkhardt

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