Articles by Paul Underhill

“What’s in a Breath” by Paul Underhill. This article supplements Paul’s video class of the same name. In the article, Paul considers breathing during tai chi and qi gong and then describes a less obvious aspect of breathing: that of ‘the transference of Undifferentiated Qi from the emptiness of the Wu in the Universe to the emptiness of the Wu inside us’.


“A Qigong for Our Time” by Paul Underhill. Paul writes about the Heart Yin Xu syndrome, characterised by ‘a vague underlying anxiety, ongoing uneasiness worsening as the day goes on, mental restlessness, poor concentration and memory and capacity for being easily startled‘ and explains how this can develop as a consequence of chronic emotional and physical stress. He then describes a four-part Qigong practice that can help prevent and mitigate the energy imbalances that can lead to the syndrome.