Wednesday morning Meditation details

Wednesday Morning and Sunday Evening Meditation and Chants


As you might notice from our website address, Metta is a foundation stone of our t’ai chi practice. It is also a central theme of the Bodhisattva path which focusses so much on the wellbeing of others – the way of the compassionate warrior. The recent invasion of the Ukraine became a catalyst for so many of us wanting to show support for those caught up in the conflict.

But it also reminded us of all others also caught up in similar situations of drastic uprooting and hardship. Not forgetting those who are struggling in the less dramatic, but nonetheless painful, hurly burly of everyday life.

After Tew offered his course on the Way of the Bodhisattva Warrior it seemed a natural continuation to keep meeting together to chant. So we thought about a regular session each week via Zoom to sit and chant sending out the vibrations of the ten Paramis. We had all found the value of coming together to practise so incredibly powerful and nourishing, rippling out beyond our individual walls.

Thus we decided to meet each week at 7.15am on a Wednesday (the same day of the week as our evening t’ai chi zoom sessions) and to start the day with this beautiful and simple offering – finishing by 7.45am to allow for other responsibilities to be attended to.

There is no need to ‘know’ the chants beforehand – the wonderful advantage of Zoom is the mute button that gives a freedom not to worry about how you sound!! The more important thing is to allow the heart to open, and tremble with compassion for all beings, ourselves included.


Click here for the wording and meaning of the chants

Click here for the Zoom link to the Wednesday morning sessions  Meeting ID:  897 5941 0850  Passcode:  110033

Click here for the Zoom link to Sunday evening sessions (17.00 UK time) Meeting ID: 446 564 3151 Passcode: 351333