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We learn best from an experienced and accredited teacher for whom T’ai Chi is a central feature of their life – not just an ‘add on’. 

Many teachers offer one-to-one training but usually the most appropriate way of accessing a teacher is through attending their classes.  Classes may be offered privately or through organisations such as Adult Learning.  Each session is usually between 1 and 2 hours in duration, with the number of participants kept small to allow opportunity for personal attention.

Within the framework of the philosophy and practices of the School, each teacher will have their own approach to teaching T’ai Chi.  However, classes are likely to include energy-raising exercises, Qi Gong, and either the Short or Long Yang-Style Tai Chi Form.

A Form is a sequence of movements; the Yang Style Short Form has 24 different movements, one flowing into another just as words flow together in a sentence.

Yang Style Forms were developed in China by Yang Luchan in the mid-19th Century.  Today, there are many different interpretations of Yang Style Forms, but they differ only slightly; there is no one ‘correct’ version.

You can find the nearest classes to you from the Teachers’ section; if you would like to attend the class, simply contact the teacher for details of where and when classes are held. Let them know if you have any mobility problems and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

No special clothing is required – just wear garments which do not restrict your movements. And do not worry if you are thinking of joining a class that has already been running for some time – a good teacher can manage integrating new students.

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