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My T’ai Chi journey began in 1983 when a wise friend, who was helping me through a period of great turmoil, suggested I try it. From the very first session I felt at home with T’ai Chi, though that did not mean it was easy! Initially, I found the movements pleasing to watch and deeply satisfying to perform; later I came to feel that an awareness of how the T’ai Chi form reflects the cycles of life and nature makes it even more rewarding.

My first teacher, Jonathan Bruce, led me eventually to study oriental medicine, which has given me some understanding of the culture from which T’ai Chi emerged. I later studied with Edith Holt, a student of Gerda (Pytt) Geddes, who introduced T’ai Chi to the UK and has inspired a generation of T’ai Chi teachers. I sought individual tuition with Pytt and was given permission to teach in 1991.

Since then, I have learned from many other teachers in several countries. My teaching is also influenced by my previous experience as a nurse and shiatsu practitioner. In recent years, I have become more closely involved with the European School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and am particularly drawn to Tew Bunnag’s imaginative and ground-breaking work on applying the wisdom of T’ai Chi to care of the dying.

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Anne Mackintosh

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I was travelling in Greece when I discovered the I Ching on Mykonos in 1966. This led me to T’ai Chi and I began learning the Yang Style Long form with Pytt Geddes in 1969, when she was teaching at The Place in London. At the same time I attended many dance classes and trained as a teacher of dance and drama before moving to Devon in 1972 where I taught T’ai Chi for many years.

Since then I have continued to learn from many wonderful teachers and fellow students in England and abroad. My love of movement, dance, music and poetry has always informed my T’ai Chi and Qi Gong practice, with my main focus being on promoting health and well-being, while maintaining awareness of the potential martial applications. I have a weekly class of long-term students in Oxford, where I work as an Energy Psychotherapist.

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Caroline Merry


Louanne Richards started her career as a professional dancer. Subsequently she worked as a photographer while bringing up her children.

Her meeting with Tew Bunnag in the early 1980s led to a long-term love of T’ai Chi. Wishing to deepen her understanding of the powerful dynamics that form the background to T’ai Chi, she trained as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She is a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and has a practice at a clinic in Oxford.

Besides running her classes, Louanne teaches at workshops and retreats, and has a special interest in adapting T’ai Chi for those suffering from head injuries and strokes


Stanton St. John Village Hall, Oxford OX33 1HD


Kitson Hall, Barnes, London SW13 9HJ

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Louanne Richards